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Hello All! Here're a few questions to warm things up:

1. What are your favorite characters to torture, and how? Maybe some of you go for young sick Frodo, some of you like mentally anguished Men of Gondor or injured elves, and some of you like anything with a long, slow, angst-filled recovery followed by a happy ending, or perhaps something else entirely is your cup of tea. Tell us about it!

2. Do you write h/c fics yourself? Whether you do or not, do you have favorite stories/authors?

3. How did you get into this genre anyway?
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hello, hello!


July 2 2003, 18:05:25 UTC 14 years ago

1. In the LOTR univers my fave tourtureable characters are Frod and Legolas. At seperate times. Angst, angst and more angst is what I like, but happy endings are good. I like fics that move me in some way, and even make me cry. Also, they have to be well written, like it's based on actual experience, you know?

2. I do write some h/c fics myself, usually in anime. But I do have some original fics. I have so many fav authors that to mention them all would take too long.

3. I go here by looking at Rhysenn's live journal and then link to fav stuff. :)

I'm partial to a little Frodo-torture myself, although I'm more interested in the recovery (physical and mental/emotional) and relapses than the event itself. I also like happy endings after lots of angst.

Deleted comment

Baylor, shirebound, Budgielover, Elwen, and Lily Baggins are favorites of mine, too.

How'd you like "Fate and the High King's Falcon"?